Type 1AA Super Duty

Ultra Heavy Duty - Special Industrial Grade - Lifetime Warranty - Tip n Glide Wheel Kit (Shipped Separately) - 375 lbs OSHA rated - NEW!

No other ladder compares. The Little Giant Ladder System* is four to five ladder image times more durable than typical ladders. The Little Giant is made of heavy-wall 6005-T5 aluminum. And while it possesses a workload capacity of 375 pounds, it has been tested to withstand four times that amount without structural failure.

The Little Giant 1AA aluminum ladder is virtually the same ladder as the Original 1A Little Giant Ladder, but incorporates extra bracing and thicker gauge aluminum to achieve the 375lb OSHA rating. This is ONE TOUGH ALUMINUM LADDER! Comes with the standard Ultra Heavy Duty Hinges that have been the cornerstone of the Little Giant line for the last 25+ years. These hinges are easily the strongest part of the ladder! This ladder comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

Little Giant 1AA
And the Little Giant Ladder is versatile. The 22' version replaces all 5', 6', 7', 8', and 9' "A" frames. It also replaces a 22' extension ladder, 2 scaffolding trestles, and a staircase ladder. In fact, it would take nearly $600 to replace the capabilities of the Little Giant. Even then, you would still lack the versatility, durability, and storage benefits. The Little Giant's adjustable ladder system won't replace all ladders. However, independent tests conclude it will replace approximately 60-70% of all portable ladders currently being manufactured.

Unbelievably, it stores in just 5'7" of space. And weighs about 45 pounds. Shorter sizes weigh less and store in even less space. As if that weren't enough, the Little Giant's adjustable nature allows it to be safely used on stairs, ramps, curbs, docks, or other uneven surfaces. Although when folded up it looks like a little ladder, once it gets extended it's not a little ladder, but a Little GIANT Ladder!

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Model 17 Type 1AA - 10402

Storage Height Extension Height Stepladder Height Retail Price Sale Price In Stock?  
4'7" 9' - 15' 4' - 7'

Model 22 Type 1AA - 10403

Storage Height Extension Height Stepladder Height Retail Price Sale Price In Stock?  
5'7" 11' - 19' 5' - 9'