Type 1A PRO Series

Extra Heavy Duty - Industrial Grade - 300 lbs OSHA rated - Lifetime Warranty - Tip n Glide Wheels - Triple Lock Hinge - Highly Recommended

The Type 1A "PRO SERIES" a BRAND NEW model just released by Little Giant. It is similar to the Little Giant Classic ladder, but with added features and a new rugged industrial look. The "Pro Series" Little Giant Ladder is only sold by a few select dealers hand picked by Little Giant; dealers that are geared towards the Industrial customer and have a high customer satisfaction rating. Because eLadders.com is one of these lucky dealers, we are proud to be able to offer you this fantastic new ladder!

The main unique feature of the PRO SERIES Ladder is the black anodized armor coating on the ladder. This durable and oxidization resistant coating gives the ladder a distinguished, rugged look, and it also keeps ones hands much cleaner. After using a regular aluminum ladder for a while, you will notice that black aluminum oxide rubs off on your hands. The black anodized armor will help prevent this and keeps your hands much cleaner. Also, the welds are exposed on this ladder, and buffed to bare aluminum to showcase the high quality double pass, Little Giant zig zag welds. (The imported competition uses skimpy single pass welds). little giant pro series hinges - click to enlarge Each ladder also comes with its own serial number stamped onto the ladder -- great for inventory tracking and theft deterrent. The "PRO SERIES" Little Giant Ladder meets the OSHA Type 1A 300lb, Extra Heavy Duty Rating for ladders.

Little Giant Black ProThe Triple-Lock Hinge comes standard on the PRO SERIES. The Triple-Lock Hinge is the newest hinge introduced by Little Giant. It takes the standard extra heavy duty hinge used on the Type 1AA Little Giant Ladder, and adds orange nylon plates (the 3rd lock), that prevents the hinge from collapsing if the 2 main locks are not engaged. While this would be unlikely, it is an added protection and a big selling point on the infomercial. While the Triple-Lock Hinge is equal in strength to the standard extra heavy duty hinge, having that 3rd lock is important for many people. Since Little Giant started in business, they have designed their hinges to be the STRONGEST part of the ladder! For OSHA testing purposes, they are required to test a ladder until it fails, and Little Giant is proud that their hinges have NEVER failed first during their tests... it has always been some other part of the ladder which failed first. This is not true of the competition -- Little Giant has actually tested the competitor ladders and many of their hinges have failed first, because they use cheap hinges with flimsy components that aren't designed to last for years of dependable service like a Little Giant hinge is. Also, if you end up buying one of the cheap imported copies, good luck finding replacement parts when the hinges, locks, or feet ever wear out! We stock genuine Little Giant replacement parts if needed.

The Model 22 PRO SERIES Little Giant Ladder stores in just 5'7" of space, and it weighs about 42 pounds. Shorter sizes weigh less and store in even less space. As if that weren't enough, the adjustable nature of the Little Giant allows it to be safely used on stairs, ramps, curbs, docks, or other uneven surfaces.

The Little Giant's adjustable ladder system won't replace all ladders. However, independent tests conclude it will replace approximately 60-70% of all portable ladders currently being manufactured. All Pro Series Little Giant Ladders include a LIFETIME WARRANTY.


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Model 17 Type 1A Pro - 10102BP

Storage Height Extension Height Stepladder Height Retail Price Sale Price In Stock?  
4'7" 9' - 15' 4' - 7'

Model 22 Type 1A Pro - 10103BP

Storage Height Extension Height Stepladder Height Retail Price Sale Price In Stock?  
5'7" 11' - 19' 5' - 9'

Model 26 Type 1A Pro - 10126BP

Storage Height Extension Height Stepladder Height Retail Price Sale Price In Stock?  
6'7" 13' - 23' 6' - 11'