Little Giant Videos

The eLadders Video Player is available for demonstrations of the individual ladders as well as safety and maintenance tips for ladders in general. If you have questions concerning your Little Giant Ladder please watch the demonstration video to view the ladder being properly used. In order to view a video please select from the list below.

Check back often for new Little Giant videos and sneak previews of upcoming products such as the Flip-N-Lite, Sumo Stance, MicroBurst, and SelectStep by Little Giant. We will also feature the latest ladder accessories from Little Giant including a new Paint Roller Bucket "Fuel Tank" and Ladder Tool Bag "Cargo Hold".


Ladders Accessories Safety

Little Giant Type 1A Classic

Little Giant SelectStep

Little Giant Project Tray

Little Giant Safety
Little Giant RevolutionXE Little Giant Safety Step Little Giant Leg Leveler Little Giant Ladder Maintenance
Little Giant Type 1 Alta One Little Giant Combo SXE Little Giant Work Platform Model 26 Extension Demo
Little Giant Fiberglass Little Giant Skyscraper Little Giant Planks Model 26 Stepladder Demo
Little Giant Type 1AA Little Giant Conquest Little Giant Fuel Tank Little Giant Sumo Stance
Little Giant Pro Series Little Giant Assault Ramp Little Giant Wall Standoff Little Giant Aerial Safety Cage

Need something in hard copy? We've provided the following product brochures in Adobe Acrobat format for download and printing. Each brochure has been provided in it's full version, as well as a page-by-page version to assist in reducing download times. To obtain the files, please right-click (Macintosh users - option button+click) on the title and select "save target as," then save the file to your local computer. Note: many of these files are large, and opening them over your internet connection may cause your browser to crash.